The Backstory

We are Jordan & Judith. A husband and wife team of wedding filmmakers and photographers based in Saint John, New Brunswick. We have been capturing weddings together for even longer than we have been married. In fact, the first time we photographed a wedding together was an attempt (on Jordan's part) to spend more time with the girl he had a crush on (Judith). A short time later - after seven years of friendship and one year of dating - we said "I do" to each other on a beautiful July day in 2010. Since then, both of our career paths have gradually moved towards running our photo and video businesses full-time - a lifestyle that we truly love. 

To us, shooting a wedding day is about so much more than just capturing beautiful images. It is about documenting the beauty and weightiness of a husband and wife making a lifelong commitment before God. Oftentimes this commitment involves many other wonderful things that we also get to capture, such as flowers, food, games, grandkids, hugs, laughter, grandparents, dogs, and plenty of ridiculous dance moves. But at the heart of it, we are capturing the start of the most important union that can exist between two individuals. With this in mind, we aim to create photos and videos that will be a lifelong reminder of the commitment you made and the joyful celebration that followed. 

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Our Philosophy

Whether you choose photography or cinematography, how we capture your wedding day is driven by the natural uniqueness of your special day. We believe that the true beauty of a film or photo is the people in front of our lens and the emotions captured. Styles come and go, we care about the timelessness of your wedding film and photos.





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"Jordan and Judith were absolutely wonderful to work with! They went above and beyond in so many ways and we had so much fun shooting our engagement and our wedding with them! They did such an incredible job capturing the day through classic and candid shots; we told them what was important to us and they ensured every moment was captured. We highly recommend them and we will cherish the photos they took for years to come!"

—  Jessica & Scott


Frequently asked questions

Do you guys always shoot weddings together?

Yes, we always work together as a team when photographing or filming weddings. We have found this approach to work very well, especially when it comes to capturing the morning preparations (Jordan captures the guys and Judith capture the girls). It also enables us to achieve a wider range of coverage for the rest of the day. For example, during the speeches, one of us can capture the speech giver while the other captures the reactions from the guests. Or during the portrait session, one of us can capture portraits of the groomsmen while the other focuses on the bridesmaids.

Can we choose the music for our wedding film?

An integral part of every wedding film is the soundtrack. We cannot stress this enough. The style of music, the instrumentation, the feel, the tempo - all of these elements are taken into consideration when choosing a song for your wedding film. For this reason, we highly recommend giving us the freedom to choose the music for your film. This allows us to review all the footage, listen to a large selection of songs, play them along with your footage, and then decide which song(s) fit your film the best. However, if you are intent on selecting your own music, you are free to do so as long as if it comes from a specific website that we use to purchase all of our licensed music for films. This is very important. We are legally required to only use licensed music in our wedding films. For this reason, we are very careful to only use songs from music licensing sites. Having said that, the music licensing sites we rely on have a superb selection of music with a vast library of genres and artists.

Can we get the RAW video files after our wedding?

The short answer is no, but we do offer an alternative, namely the “Documentary Edit”. The reason we don’t just dump all of the raw video clips onto a USB is that they’re not really watchable. Here’s what we mean: all day we are shooting short 5-10 second video clips of everything going on around us. In the end, we have hundreds of individual video clips. Most of them turned out well, and the odd few are not really useable. On top of that, each of them probably has a bit of shakiness at the beginning and the end, due to the fact that we are pushing record, getting the lens focused, dialing in our exposure, and then pushing stop at the end.

For that reason we offer the “Documentary Edit”: a single large video file of all our usable footage strung together, with all of the messy parts cut off. That way you can just watch it right through… if you’ve got a few hours to sit through the whole thing! Keep in mind the Documentary Edit is not put together like a Highlight Film, Short Film, or Feature Film is (ex. The clips are not color corrected, audio is not edited/mixed, there’s no soundtrack in the background). It is essentially a montage of clips from throughout the day with the out-of-focus/shaky parts trimmed off. While it is a little less polished than our fully edited films, it is still a great way to enjoy those parts of your wedding day that didn’t make it into the edited film. The cost of the Documentary is $500 + hst and can be purchased any time (within one year of the wedding).

How much "directing" do you do when filming a wedding?

When we photograph weddings, it’s inevitable that we be in the forefront (during certain moments of the day). We give directions for family photos, to the wedding party, and as to how the bride and groom should be interacting with each other, for the end goal of capturing beautiful images. However, when we are filming a wedding it’s a bit different. There may be times when we give specific directions to the bride and groom, but it happens much less than it does with photography. For us, a crucial part of creating a great wedding film is in capturing natural interactions between the people involved. These are the shots we strive to get throughout the day. For the moments where we give directions, it will be simple and minimal, such as, “walk together holding hands… hold each other close and cuddle… give each other a kiss!” Additionally, we may also give general directions about what kinds of locations work best, down to exactly where to stand in a given setting. One of the most important factors in creating beautiful imagery (whether photo or film) is the quality of the light. The difference between a mediocre shot and a stunning image may be moving two feet so the bride is standing in the window light instead of under the tungsten lights in the kitchen. Little details like these make a huge difference; which is why we pay close attention to them throughout the day. Other than small directions here and there, you can expect us to be sneaking around like ninjas (we’ve been called ninjas a number of times) as we work to get the best shots of your wedding that we can.

How much do you charge to shoot a wedding?

If you are looking for our photography and cinematography pricing, please send us a message through the contact form and we will send you some information about our pricing/packages. We have a couple different options depending on what you are looking for.

What steps are involved in booking you to shoot our wedding?

After all of the preliminary details have been confirmed (date, availability, location, travel expenses, style, packages, etc.), the next steps to complete a booking are signing the contract and paying a 25% retainer fee (this fee is non-refundable). Once we have those two items taken care of, the booking is officially confirmed.


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